Coastal Hydroponics were using a time recorder with time cards. Each week the Payroll Officer would spend half a day manually calculating the worked hours on the time cards and checking on time spent on paid and unpaid breaks. Storage of time cards became bulky with the need to retain the documents for the specified time as per Australian legislation.


Optimised Workplace Efficiency in the Retail Workforce

In 2012 TLM Solutions supplied the TLM Attendance Manager software suitable for up to 50 staff and finger scan units. Use of the system has enabled:

  • Accurate calculated worked times computed by the software
  • Adjustments needed are quick, done on screen with the recalculations done by the software
  • Timesheets provide staff with the worked hours, breaks and leave providing transparency
  • Authenticity of staff onsite
  • No storage of bulky time cards necessary as paper based and saved PDF copies have enabled storage reduction
  • Payroll processing time has reduced from half a day to 30 minutes

Our client is very happy with reduction of administration time, the accuracy of timesheets and a fast payroll process.

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